Online Ordering System

Create your online restaurant with our cloud-based ordering solution to start receiving orders and get new customers in no time.

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Trouble-free ordering

We help you go digital with our easy, instant, and time-saving ordering system.

Easy-to-use Interface

Make it simple for your customers to navigate the dishes, menu items, and a lot more.

Customizable Menu

Engage your visitors by customizing and updating your menu based on your customers’ preferences.

Real-time Order Tracking

Let your customers get real-time updates and track where their orders are.

Error-free Order Management

Get notified when an order is placed and reduce the chances of errors with our cloud-based system.

Seamless Order Processing

Leave no gap for errors or delays and manage your orders seamlessly.
Contactless Dine-in Ordering

Give your customers contactless dining experience by allowing them to place orders from their smartphones without touching the physical menu.

Table Service

Your customers can request table service requests like ordering salt or spoon via just a few clicks from their smartphones and enjoy a fine dining experience.

Receive Online Feedback

Get online feedback from your own customers privately to improve and act promptly on their advice.

Customer Data Analytics

Receive your customers’ information like order frequency and most-bought dishes to create better offers for them.

Secure payment processing

Our solution got you covered with Stripe’s PCI-compliant environment for secured payment processing so you can focus on enjoying your food.

Quick payment transfer

Get the payment directly in your account as soon as an order is placed and eliminate the chances of losing your money.