Merchant Management Console

Manage your online orders and successfully run your restaurant business with our cloud-based platform.

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Manage all your operations in one place

With our merchant console, you can efficiently manage your restaurant’s daily operations in one place effortlessly.

Easy & Quick to Set-up

An easy-to-use system that lets you quickly customize your restaurant's operational tasks and update the information within minutes.

Remote Access

It’s a web-app enabled system, that lets you access your online restaurant remotely from anywhere in the world.

Easy to Change Menu

Our solution allows you to allow you to change price, show and hide items from the menu in case you run out of stock or wish to add seasonal items in just a few clicks.

Device Friendly

Works on any smart device, The system can be accessed on any device whether it’s a mobile phone, tablet, or desktop.

Receive Omni-Channel Orders

It lets you receive orders from multiple channels like your website, social media, or on-site orders.

Operate your restaurant with ease

Organize your kitchen and control your customers’ data efficiently with our easily accessible solution.
Advanced Analytics

The system is integrated with an advanced AI interface that gives you access to the customer behavior database and helps you understand your customers better.

Order Management

With our integrated operating system you can manage both online and offline orders at your restaurant with ease.

Targeted Promotions

You can run targeted campaigns offering exciting deals & discounts and send automated notifications to your customers via our system.

Integrated Automated tools

The merchant console seamlessly connects the ordering system with the order management system that automatically updates the restaurant kitchen as soon as any new order is received.

Manage delivery & takeout

Organize delivery and takeout orders by setting up a preferable time for your customers.