Promotion & Marketing Suite

Communicate with your ideal customers in the right way and see your restaurant growing with the help of our marketing tools.

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Simplified Loyalty Management

Our best in industry loyalty programs help you prompt your audience and take your sales higher with complete automation.

Digital loyalty programs

Offer your customers reward points for every order they place at your restaurant and turn them into your regular customers.

Custom loyalty programs

Tailor your loyalty programs with ease to reward your customers based on their journey with you.

Automated marketing campaigns

Run automated marketing campaigns such as discounts, coupons, bundle deals, and track their performance.

Send automated messages

Notify your customers with automated messages and keep them updated about the running & upcoming campaigns to encourage repeat orders.

Customer Data

Examine your customers’ buying behavior and gain data-driven insights to create effective offers and promotion campaigns for them.
Gain your customer data

Access your customers’ data to view & examine their behavior and come up with better marketing plans.

Analyze customer Loyalty

Understand how loyal your customers are by analyzing their buying behavior depending on the repurchases, most popular items, engagement, etc.

Customer Retention

Increase your customers’ loyalty through our promotion tools so they continue buying from you and bring more customers like them.

New Customer Acquisition

Bring new customers to your restaurant & increase your daily revenue. Create exciting discounts & deals with our tool and run successful marketing campaigns.