Loyalty Program

Create your own loyalty programs and reward your customers. An easy setup designed to increase the revenue & profitability of your restaurant.

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Require Zero Time & Maintenance

Our program is backed by months of research for you to optimize customer retention and boost your daily sales while acquiring new customers.
Easy- Setup

Setting up rewards items is a piece of cake 😊. You can predefine the menu items and assign reward points within minutes. The system runs on an auto-pilot mode once the rewards are assigned.

Effective Reward System

Lokobee’s customer loyalty program is effective for both restaurants and their customers. Each $ your customer spends is automatically converted into a reward point and added into the customer's account within 24 hours that can be redeemed on their next order.

Customizable Programs

You have the flexibility to limit things like the minimum purchase, minimum points required to redeem, and the number of points that customers can redeem in one transaction. You have the freedom to customize the plan according to your business requirements.

Build a loyal customer base

Effortlessly retain your existing and new customers by rewarding them on every order. Build a reward strategy that is best suited to your restaurant’s needs.

Optimize Retention

Our loyalty program is designed to increase customer retention, making sure that your existing customers make multiple visits.

Reduced Customer Acquisition Cost

The system enables your customer to share rewards with their family members and friends and thus, help you reduce customer acquisition costs as well as gain new customers.

Get Insight Reports

With our integrated analytics tools, you can gain insights into how your reward programs are performing.

Reward your existing customers to make them loyal to your brand. Let us show you how to do it.

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