Make Dining Experience Simple, Safe and Stress-Free

Increase your Dine-in & Dine-out customers by providing them fine dining with utmost safety and quality service experience.

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Serve More Tables With Less Staff

Let your guests experience fine dining and optimal convenience to increase more dine-in customers and reduce your restaurant’s operational costs
Digitally accessible Menu

Your customers can access the restaurant’s menu via scanning the QR code and place orders digitally without touching a paper menu. They can order what and when they want using their smartphone, without a need to download any app.

No-contact Ordering

Let your guests place orders when they are ready using the e-menu, avoiding any human interaction. This helps you deliver orders by minimizing direct contact and improving overall safety for both customers and the staff.

Contact-free order management

Contactless dining tool is integrated with restaurant kitchen, as soon as the customer places the order, it is directly sent to the kitchen via automated integration with the table details. This reduces the service time & any risk of miscommunication.

Smooth Dining Experience

With our tool, your customer can enjoy their privacy without the staff hovering around their table all the time and have an uninterrupted fine dining experience with no disturbances.

Table Service

Your guests can request table service like salt, water, and silverware, all with just a few clicks from their smartphone. This reduces the chance of delays in serving customers and improves customer satisfaction.

Online Payment & Bill

Your customers can make the payment while placing orders and receive the e-bill instantly without touching money and printed bills. This will also help in the elimination of dine-and-dash cases.

Get online feedback

Receive online feedback and increase customer satisfaction to encourage more dine-in customers to your restaurant.

Simplifying the order taking process for our pizza restaurants, saving your time & giving you an error free order.

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